Social media has evolved over a period of time

Hello! I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today I want to talk to you about an important, strategic way or a perspective with which you need to look at social media, and that is ‘Social media as a personal, one-on-one, private communication tool’. Most of the time, when you think of social media, you think of it as a public, mass communication tool. Right? Everybody wants 100s of 1000s of followers, increase your followers, you release one message and it goes to everybody, and it goes viral, which is actually the original intent with which social media was created. And it still works like that. In most cases, that is how it works. But social media has evolved over a period of time. And today social media has evolved into a tool which not only communicates in a public forum, like for example, Twitter is a public channel where you put something up, and everybody can see it, they respond, they comment, they retweet it, and the message spreads very fast. So that still happens.

Direct Messaging (DM) and Private Messaging are big future trends

But at the same time, there is something called Direct Messaging. There is something called Private Messaging. Twitter itself has its DM space. It has a private messaging space. The same with Facebook. Facebook has a public space, what you call as ‘Pages’ our public forums. Then it has Groups, which is a private forum for a small group of people. It also has a Private Messenger, Messenger Rooms and Messenger Chat, which is one-on-one communication. So what is happening is, there is an evolution of social media as a platform. It’s starting to evolve into a ‘private media’ platform.

Whether Public or Private, it is still ‘Media’ that helps you reach people.

It is still ‘Media’. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what I want you to understand as a leader. It is still ‘Media’. Where you have a message and you are able to communicate that to an audience. An audience that may not be in front of you, that may be anywhere in the world, but you still get to talk to them, influence them, reach them, help them, serve them, and minister to them. But you can do it both in a public setting and in a private setting. So think about that.

Prepare a Private Media Strategy for your ministry

Try to have your private media strategy evolving. Because that is one of the things I see as one of the top trends in the coming years, that is going to evolve in the digital space. It’s going to be a very important tool. It’s time for you and your ministry to think about social media as a personal, one-on-one communication space.

I just want to share that with you. Have a great day. I’ll see you next week with another thought. God bless you. Bye.

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