Natchi Lazarus in SFO

It is always a joy to talk about ‘Giving’. I firmly believe that one of the assured ways of being successful in life is ‘Giving’. No wonder The Bible says, “It is better to give than to receive“. Whether you are an employer, employee, father, husband, student, friend or a businessman – understanding and practicing this principle of ‘Giving’ is critical to success.

As part of REP’s 10-year celebration, I was given an opportunity to share the principles of ‘Giving’ for a few mins with the audience, that included some of the most influential people in Silicon Valley. The list of participants included entrepreneurs, health professionals, VCs, Techies, Home makers, Government officials and many other influencers of society. I also had great fun meeting some of my good friends after years. And it is always a special time being with Brett & Lyn Johnson and celebrating with them!

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