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Source: Research Report

Today, we are talking about Generation-Z. I want to bring your attention to a recent research report that Snapchat put together along with Oxford Economics. This is a very detailed research report on Generation Z, Gen-Z, the next generation that’s going to take the center stage. For you, as a non-profit, church or a ministry, it’s important for you to understand how this generation is going to influence. And some of the things that you can do, or start thinking about the things to do in the days to come.

This 2021 to 2030 is going to be a digital decade. I have told you this multiple times. That’s what I firmly believe. And the generation that’s going to dominate this this particular decade and make this a truly digital decade is Generation-Z. I want to bring to our attention three findings that I took out of this report. First is Gen Z will become a dominant force in the workplace with the number in work across the six markets trebling to 87 million by 2030. Gen-Z are going to become the dominant workforce, which means they are going to have work-related needs, needs from a mind perspective, from an emotional perspective, from multiple angles for which you and I as a ministry are called to minister to them.

Be prepared for Gen-Z to take center stage. And to see that they have specific needs in their workplace and in their professional life that you can meet and help them to become better with God’s word and all that you do.

Second thing is they will become an engine of consumer spending with projections that they will support 3.1 trillion dollars of spending in these markets in 2030. So the markets where this research was done, even in those limited markets, they are saying Gen-Z are going to be the biggest economic influence as well. So they are not just going to be influential in the workplace, but also in terms of spending and economic power they are going to be big.

Again, that also, as you know, comes with certain pressures, certain knowledge that they need, certain help that they need, certain ministry that they will need as they go about living their life in the next 10 years, dominating our system. So it’s important for you to understand that. And the final thing I wanted to point out is a greater emphasis… the report says “a greater emphasis will be put on skills such as agility, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, which play to the natural strength of Gen-Z”. So they are going to start facing very interesting complications and challenges, which you, as a nonprofit, church or a ministry will be able to address. There is a detailed PDF.

There are lots of infographics, details about how they are going to think, how they are going to move, how they are going to act. I highly recommend you take a minute… this is a free report, so just take a minute to download it, look at it and pray about it and ask God to lead you in such a way that you can be a blessing to our next generation. Our future depends on how you and we prepare as a ministry or a non-profit to help these people become the best at what they do, and what God has in store for our next generation.

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