Hello! Welcome to another edition of #ThoughtFromTheBook. I’m Natchi Lazarus. We are talking about The Connected Church book. In the 8th chapter of The Connected Church book, I talk about using social media for children’s ministry. Today I want to talk about children’s ministry.

And it’s important for you to think about social media for children’s ministry in a very different way because, when it comes to children’s ministry, there are two sets of audience. One is the kids themselves. And then there are the parents. Most kids do not qualify as social media audience. So you don’t create social media content for the kids. You actually create social media content for the parents or the adults who supervise the kids. You have to be sensitive in this area because many times I’ve seen ministries try to think of kids as the audience and try to do everything for the kids, but forget about the adults or the actual consumers who are qualified to consume that content… the ones who are guiding the children. So keep that in mind. It’s a little tricky to do that because you have to keep both people in mind. But when you do that, it can be a very effective platform.

Because kids today, they are very smart, right? When you minister to them on social media, even if it goes through their parents or their adults or their guides, it’s still something that could really impact them in a big way, because they are comfortable with this platform already. They are more comfortable than you, for all you know, they know more about this than you do. So you have to be very conscious of that. But minister to them. I would highly encourage that you make children’s ministry on social media as a big part of your overall ministry approach. Because kids are always of an impressionable age. They capture things. They grow up as digital natives, most of them. Their life is going to be completely consumed by digital and social media when they become adults. So if you as a ministry or a church are able to lay a strong foundation for their spiritual life using social media, as early as possible. Because if you don’t do it, they’re going to go elsewhere looking for information.

This is a fantastic opportunity to bless kids and it’s also a great opportunity to bless parents. Because parents are looking for resources that are available on social media for children, that could help them as parents help their children walk by faith. Just to build the faith-life of their kids. Focus on that, and put a lot of effort on that. I would highly recommend that you put a lot of effort on that because it’s not only good for your ministry because they are the future supporters of your ministry as they grow up, but it’s also for the Kingdom of God. So I highly recommend you focus on that. All right, I’ll see you next week with another thought. Until then, stay connected, stay blessed. God bless you. Bye.

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