In History, the timing of the birth of Jesus Christ is very interesting and significant.

I am not a history expert by any means, but as someone who is curious and interested in both the Bible and history, I am fascinated by how much history can teach us, and the perspectives it can give us, on something as familiar as Christmas.

A few centuries (specifically the 400-year period) in world history just BEFORE the first Christmas, the birth of Jesus, seems to have been one of the most challenging times in human history.

  • It was a period filled with multiple wars
  • Multiple dynasties and empires kept trying to dominate each other
  • No major scientific progress was made during that period
  • No major economic growth was seen in that period

And Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world chose to be born in a time period like that. 

The interesting thing is, as we look back today, we see the significance of the ‘timing’ of this event and how things turned around after this event happened in history, in terms of scientific developments and economic growth that we see today.

[Video] The Historical Significance of Christmas

When we look at this and think about this, it is hard to ignore the impact of Jesus’ birth and his teaching on world history.

This is something for all of us to think about this Christmas season. 

Let me know if you have any thoughts of question on this. Leave your comments below. Thank you.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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