Every artist needs a good stage/platform to showcase his talent. A great talent is nothing without a proper stage. Michael Jackson needed a ‘Motown‘, Tendulkar needed an ‘Old Trafford Cricket Ground‘ and A.R.Rahman needed a ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ to go global.

All of us need a stage/platform in life!

One of the BEST platforms we could get to showcase our talent is our own WORKPLACE! Yes, this is a place where you can showcase who you are and what you are made of, on a daily basis.

Whether you have a significant job or not, whether you work inside office or outside on the field, whether you are in sales or in accounts, you can always DISPLAY your gifts and talents in your own little stage. And a great advantage of this stage is that even if you don’t perform well on one day, you can always do better the following day. It is a stage ready to play your show everyday!

You need to start thinking of your workplace as your stage, where you perform with all that you have inside of you!


There are two types of audience watching you perform in your WORKPLACE stage. One is the visible audience (your boss, your colleagues, your friends, your family, etc.) and second is the invisible audience (the whole universe itself or the spiritual invisible realm, which operates under the principle of Seed & Harvest).

We all focus too much on the visible realm. We think of whether our boss is watching us and whether our performance appreciation email was sent to all the colleagues, etc. Well, thats important for staying encouraged and to get some appreciations, no doubt.

But what is more important is the invisible audience – the spiritual realm which operates under the principle of SEED & HARVEST. Yes, there is an invisible force that is operating in our lives. When we perform on our stage (the workplace) there is an invisible RATING that happens. We are rated invisibly based on our sincerity, honesty, commitment, hardwork, focus and smartness. (almost, always in that order). Your performance becomes the SEED and the rating produces a HARVEST. That harvest could come in the form of a promotion, increase, better career, success, peace of mind, money and more. Harvest might take some time, but it WILL come, without fail. That is the law of nature! A seed WILL produce a HARVEST!

In my experience of teaching (as a guest faculty) in many colleges, schools & corporate houses over the years, I have had the privilege of listening to many stories of people who have been successful in life, inspite of having been in a ‘seemingly-insignificant’ job. Some times when we work hard & with sincerity, it may feel like no one is watching us. It may feel like no one appreciates us. But still we need to give it our BEST.

You need to stay focused, keep doing that good-job, give it all you got! You will soon find that all those seeds start producing harvest in due time. You may wonder how it happened, but that is the nature of Seed & Harvest principle. Whatsoever you sow, that you will reap!

So, go ahead and give your best PERFORMANCE in your STAGE, in your WORKPLACE! And don’t do it just for the visible audience, also do it for yourself & for the invisible audience that operate under the principle of SEED & HARVEST!

All the best for your excellent performance!

Share your comments and your experiences about this principle, when you find time. Thanks.

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