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Our next news is from Spotify. Last week, we had two major announcements from Spotify.

Source: Spotify Greenroom | Podz

One is about a product called Greenroom, which was released. Spotify Greenroom is a live-audio-chat facility that is getting built inside Spotify. Does that sound like Clubhouse? Because that is what it is. It is another competitor to Clubhouse. And the interesting thing is, you can have a live audio conversation on Spotify Greenroom, and then have an option to convert that into a podcast on Spotify, right there. Very interesting the way Spotify is moving into this space with a unique offering, giving the convenience of converting something into a podcast.

The other news, related to podcast is, Spotify is acquisition of a tool called Podz, which is aimed to bring machine learning and make the podcast discovery process better. If you search for podcasts on Spotify, it’s already very good, but now they’re making that even better with this acquisition. They say that this is the best, and most personalized tool, for podcast discovery.

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