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This news is from Spotify.

Our next news is from Spotify. Earlier this week, Spotify made a very interesting announcement that they are getting the creators, the artists involved in the ‘recommendation’ process.

Source: Spotify

This means if you are an artist and there is a song and you want to tell Spotify that this is a season in which you want this song to be prominently recommended to the users, then you can actually do that. This is almost like advertising, but you don’t pay for it (ahead of time). There’s no ad budget involved, just that when you do it, and if Spotify is going to make that happen, then they will reduce the payout that they share with you as an artist. So it’s very interesting.

It’s also an indicator of a trend of how things can go forward in the future, where a platform chooses to get the creators involved in the promotional process, which becomes a Win-Win situation, because the user gets to see good recommendations, the platform gets everybody to stay for a longer time, and the creator gets to showcase the content that they want to showcase, instead of the algorithm determining what it is. It’s a nice trend and a way in which the content ecosystem could evolve very nicely in the days to come.

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