Learn from a hands-on expert.

Walking should precede talking. In the ever-changing field of digital marketing and social media, value-adding insights can come only from speakers with hands-on implementation experience, research and thought leadership.

Natchi Lazarus not only has 12+ years of international public speaking experience, but as cofounder of an agency, author and consultant, he also works with various clients gaining expertise & practical know-how. Learn from someone who has walked the talk.

Events & workshops


Natchi has more than a decade of experience speaking in international events on 4 topics: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Faith-Based Finances and Work Life. He has a unique, interactive, no-fluff style of delivery. His content is focussed on actionable tips & insights.


Workshops need someone with hands-on experience. As a consultant, author, and co-founder of a digital agency, Natchi has plenty of it. He is regularly conducts training programs and workshops for corporate houses, business owners and students.


If you are looking for a guest speaker for your next podcast episode, radio show, TV show or your educational institution, get in touch with Natchi. He has a unique ability to share practical insights with the audience in an inspiring manner.


Natchi Lazarus is a keynote speaker with more than 10 years of international public speaking experience. He has addressed corporate teams, government officials, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scholars, students and public audiences in various conferences, seminars & events in the US, UK, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa and India.

He gets regular invitations to be a guest faculty in premier educational institutions. He has been invited to speak in podcasts, radio and television shows. He has spoken in seminars and events organised by top industry associations.

He is a published author. His book on social media strategy for faith-based organisations, titled The Connected Church is available on Amazon stores worldwide. 

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