Hello and welcome. Today I want to talk to you about social media’s influence on the next generation. In chapter 12 of my book I touch upon future trends that you need to know as a leader of a nonprofit or a ministry. And one of the things I talk about is the ‘Quiet’ influence of social media on the next generation. Some of the influence is good. Some of the influence is not very good.

And the thing about social media influence is it’s quiet. What do I mean by quiet? Sometimes when there is an influence, it’s out and loud. You know that kind of influence is happening, especially to your children. But with social media, the influence is happening in a very quiet way, because they are wearing headphones, and they’re looking at their phone and the phone-related influence is very personal, because you are not in between. When you’re going on the road, if your child or your teenager is looking at a poster, you can see it. It’s a loud influence, right? Or if they’re hanging out with friends and you stand there and watch what’s happening, there it’s an open influence.

You are able to see what’s going on and how they’re being influenced. But with the social media and the digital world, the influence is very quiet. It’s very subtle. Because they’re just looking at their phone, they’re putting their headphones on, you can’t even hear what’s happening in the headphone because it’s personal. And they are being influenced in a big way without you being aware or cognizant of it. So this is a trend that you need to be fully aware of even as a leader of a nonprofit or a ministry because I’m sure some your audience are full of young people and they are being influenced.

Not just your family, but also your congregation and your audience are being influenced quietly on social media. It’s an important thing that we need to understand and think about ways in which as a ministry, as a Christian nonprofit, what are you going to do about it to make that influence better?

If there’s good influence, that’s great. If people are listening to good stuff, that’s awesome. But if they’re not, then as a church, it’s important for us to bring the kingdom of God onto the digital space. So you as a ministry need to think about it and make plans for it, and make sure that we are being a good influence in the society, especially for our next generation.

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