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1. NRB Conventions – #Proclaim19

(Source) The first news is about #Proclaim19 which is an International Christian Media Convention which gets underway on 26th of March and goes on for 4 days. It’s expected that 1000s of Christian communicators and media professionals from around the world will be at the conference.

I will be at the conference. I will bring you the takeaways from the conference through a video and a blog. Watch out for that. If you are going to be at the conference, do come and say hello, I’d love to meet you!

2. Checkout Feature in Instagram

(Source) Instagram announces that it is adding a checkout feature to its App, which means, if you look at a product within Instagram, you would be able to purchase it without leaving Instagram. So the payment facilities are being added on to the platform.

This is an interesting trend for you to watch out, because today it’s just product purchase and e-commerce, but this could easily become a feature in which DONATIONS could be added as an option, so people could look at your cause or your message and they would be able to support the cause by making a donation from within the App. That is definitely a possibility once this feature takes off.

Right now this feature is in closed beta with select brands within the US, but I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they roll it out if it is a successful feature for Instagram. So something that you could watch out for.

3. Should Social Media Live Streams be Regulated?

(Source) The next news is about experts and regulators weighing in on the options for regulating live streaming on social media. And this comes in the wake of recent attacks in New Zealand, which was streamed live on social media.

How do we use social media responsibly? How do we stop these things? Especially because Facebook said it’s automated bots were unable to track that this was a live stream that needed to be stopped.

Artificial Intelligence is still evolving. So there is a lot of discussions on how such incidents can be avoided in the future.

(Source) There are also research showing that certain social media posts have a negative effect on the mindset of young people. There’s a lot of discussion going on around that topic as well.

We will track this and we will keep you updated on how these discussions go.

4. WhatsApp will tell you how many times a message has been forwarded

(Source) WhatsApp announces a feature by which you will be able to tell if the message that you’re receiving has been forwarded too many times. This is important to avoid misinformation and fake news from spreading rapidly. So this is a way of tracking how many times a message has been forwarded on WhatsApp.

Because WhatsApp has been under the radar for being a platform that spreads fake news and wrong information very quickly. So this is a good step towards having safe transmission of information through WhatsApp.

5. Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+

(Source) Apple in a recent press conference announced that they are launching 2 live streaming services. One is called Apple TV channel, which will bundle the popular content from services like HBO, which can be watched with other TV programs.

The second is the more interesting service called Apple TV+ which will be a direct competition to services like Netflix and Hulu offering Apple’s original content along with other content. It is good for us to watch this space and see what happens because this is an important space in terms of media, and how content is being transmitted into the households.

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