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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Social Media News for church and ministry leaders. I’m Natchi Lazarus. This is the show where we bring you 5 important social media news that you need to know for this week, in less than 5 minutes!

Let’s get started.

1. Social Media Marketing World 2019 is here

(Source) The first news item is about Social Media Marketing World, which is the top social media industry conference, which happens every year in San Diego, California.

This year the conference is scheduled between March 20th and 22nd. By the time you watch this video, the conference might’ve just got concluded. I am at the conference.

I will be attending the conference. In fact, I’m recording this just before the conference, from San Diego, so I will bring you all the takeaways. I will have a blog post and videos on the takeaways from Social Media Marketing World, so watch out for that.

2. Twitter has a revamped camera

(Source) The next news item is about Twitter. Twitter revamps the camera, to make it easier for the users to add photos, videos, and even go live with just a swipe.

With the new update you will be able to add photos and videos just like you would with Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories.

So, along with Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is also joining the race for helping people add more videos and photos and do live videos.

3. Periscope taking action against fake engagements

(Source) The next new users about Periscope. Periscope says that it is taking increased action against fake engagement and activity. Fake engagement is a problem that is faced by almost all social media channels and all of them are taking steps to curb it. Periscope is the latest to join the race.

4. Facebook makes changes to ad insights

(Source) The next big news is from Facebook. Facebook announces that they are making 3 big changes to the Facebook ad insights. The first change is they’re replacing the current relevant score with 3 relevance metrics. The second is, they’re updating the way they calculate the potential reach. And the third is they’re removing certain metrics which are not used very often.

5. Social media channels want a piece of the gaming-pie

(Source) The final news item is about gaming and social media channels. Gaming is an activity that is very popular with a lot of people and social media channels do not want to miss this opportunity. So Facebook is adding a link that is dedicated to gaming content on its main navigation bar.

(Source) And Snapchat is launching an in-App gaming platform. So they are starting to realize that people love gaming and they cannot ignore that content that is being loved by so many people.

That’s all we have for you this week. I hope this was useful.

Thank you for joining me. Have a wonderful week.

Do leave your comments, questions, feedback and reviews. I will see you next week!

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