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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Social Media News for church and ministry leaders. I’m Natchi Lazarus. This is the show where we bring you 5 important social media news that you need to know for this week, in less than 5 minutes!

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1. The World Wide Web celebrates 30th Birthday

(Source1 & Source2) The first news item is something that every single person in the World needs to know about and celebrate. It’s the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, which is the foundation of all things; social media, Internet, technology, smartphones, all of this. And that was the foundation of all that we enjoy today.

To mark its 30th anniversary there was an event conducted by W3C forum and the World Wide Web Foundation.

At the event, Tim Berners Lee, who is the inventor of the World Wide Web, spoke about the current state and he shared his thoughts. It’s a fascinating interview. I will link the details of the interview and the writeup in the notes. Do check it out.

He called the current state of the Internet as ‘dysfunctional’. Very interesting thoughts about what we need to do and how the next 30 years needs to be. I was very fascinated by reading it. I will link to it and you can check it out.

Happy 30th birthday World Wide Web!

2. Facebook’s ‘Inclusive Internet Index 2019’ Report

(Source1 & Source2) This is also connected to our first news item about the World Wide Web because this is about Facebook’s report on its efforts to improve the connectivity of the Internet in the World.

Facebook has been doing a lot of things to improve Internet connection around the World because their entire business model depends on people being on the Internet. More people get on the Internet, the more chances of people getting on social media and using Facebook. So Facebook has been very keen to connect people around the world.

There has been a recent research report that they worked on together with The Economist. And the report is called ‘The Inclusive Internet Index 2019’.

It’s a fascinating report about how connectivity is going on around the world and how people are getting connected and what are some of the challenges. What has been happening since 2018 and 19.

There has been a lot of interesting changes and fluctuations, which I think as a leader of nonprofit, church or a ministry you need to know about. Do check it out if you are into that kind of thing. I’m very interested in knowing about the trends and research and what the future looks like.

3. Twitter’s ‘Timing is Everything’ Tool

(Source) The third news is about Twitter and Twitter releases a tool called ‘Timing is Everything’. That’s the name of the tool – Timing is Everything. It’s an insight tool which will give you an insight about how people watched videos.

It’s basically a ‘best time to post’ kind of a tool where you can look at the time, different times in which people have watched videos, they’ve interacted, and then you know when you need to publish. That is something that Twitter has added to It’s analytics reports this week.

4. Watch videos with a friend, on Instagram

(Source) The next news item is about Instagram. Instagram seems to have been testing a new feature that allows you to watch a video with your friend at the same time, on Instagram. So your friend and you, even though you are in different places, can get on Instagram and you’ll be able to watch one video.

Similar to the ‘Watch Party’ feature that’s available on Facebook. But since this is on Instagram, it will be interesting to see how it’s mobile-friendly and what kind of other features they add to it. This is something that might come out in the future. So watch out for it.

5. You might be soon be ‘Snap’ing in 8 different languages

(Source) The final news item is about Snapchat. Snapchat launches beta testing in 8 different languages around the World. Now, any news that concerns social media and different languages is something that you need to pay attention to as a leader of nonprofit, church and ministry because, we are all about languages and communication and communicating something, right? That is the core of what most of us do.

So I’m very interested when I read a news like this. Even though Snapchat is not used by many of the target audience that many of you or many nonprofits might have, but still, it’s a trend. If snapchat is doing this, then the others are not far behind. So Snapchat doing Beta tests in different languages is a good trend. And something to watch out for.

That’s all we have for you this week. I hope this was useful.

Thank you for joining me. Have a wonderful week.

Do leave your comments, questions, feedback and reviews. I will see you next week!

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