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1. Native subtitling to Twitter videos

(Source) Twitter adds native subtitling option to its videos. You can go to the backend, the Media Studio, pick a video, and you can add a .SRT file, which is the industry standard for adding subtitles to videos.

Millions of people (who are deaf or having hearing challenge) around the world depend on subtitles to consume video content on social media and online. So this is a big step from Twitter to make its platform more accessible.

2. Facebook deletes 100s of fake accounts

(Source) Facebook deletes hundreds of fake accounts ahead of Indian Elections. Social media is a big influencer of the mindsets of people and ahead of elections, all social media channels are cautious about the way they deal with fake accounts.

3. Global Ad-Blocking Trends 2019: 47% of internet users use blockers

(Source) A recent report on Global Ad-Blocking trends says that 47% of Global Internet users use Ad-Blocking in some form. Which means millions of people around the world are right now not reachable through advertising (display).

So this is something that you need to pay attention to, as a leader, and think of ways and strategies to reach these people.

The infographic in the report shows which region leads this initiative of Ad-Blocking, as of now it’s APAC – Asia Pacific region. Time to think about strategies to reach these people who use Ad-Blockers.

4. WhatsApp helps you prevent spam group invites

(Source) WhatsApp unveils new Privacy settings, which will help you avoid spammy group invites. Have you been spammed with a lot of group invites from groups that you don’t even recognize? Well, you can stop that going forward. There is a setting in the backend of WhatsApp which lets you control who can invite you to a group.

You can even select an option that says ‘Nobody’ and people will not be able to invite you to a group automatically.

5. News from Google: Gmails turns 15. And Google+ is officially dead.

(Source) Google celebrates 15 years of Gmail. Yes, on 1st of April, 2004 is when Gmail was launched and it’s become an email service that is loved by millions of people and it’s used all over the world on a daily basis.

(Source) Interestingly, this week, Google also put Google Plus to rest! April 2nd, 2019 was the last official day of Google Plus, a social media platform that wanted to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

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