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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Social Media News for church and ministry leaders. I’m Natchi Lazarus. This is the show where we bring you 5 important social media news that you need to know for this week, in less than 5 minutes!

Let’s get started.

1.The first news is a big one for nonprofits. This is from Instagram. 

(SOURCE) Instagram is testing a ‘donate’ button in the stories stickers. Now this could be a big one for Instagrammers who are publishing on Instagram stories constantly because people will be able to click on that and donate immediately. Looks like they have been developing this for a while, because earlier in February first week, Facebook just mentioned it in one line in their newsroom article, saying that they are trying to make donations easier for nonprofits. Looks like they’re developing it. If they release it, it’s not yet been rolled out, probably they’re testing it and it will get rolled out soon, but if they do, then this will be a big step for you as a nonprofit and a ministry. Look out for this. 

2. The next news item is from Google. 

(SOURCE) Google is bringing it’s artificially intelligent assistant, Google assistant to your text messaging. Yes, your SMS is going to become intelligent and Google will add it’s Google assistant into its text messaging feature. For example, if you and me are chatting via SMS and we are making plans to go for a movie, then Google assistant will jump in and it will give us the showtimes of this movie in the nearest theater. 

3. The next news is from WhatsApp. 

(SOURCE) WhatsApp is celebrating its 10th birthday. Yes, it’s been 10 years since this app was launched and what an amazing impact it has had on the world. Billions of people use it every day and it has completely transformed the way people communicate personally with each other, especially in the last few years after they joined the Facebook group of companies. In 2014 Facebook bought WHATSAPP, but at that time many people questioned that move by Facebook, but look what happened. 

4. The next news is from Canva. 

(SOURCE) We noticed that Canva is adding a ‘social media scheduling’ feature to It’s Canva for Work product. I know many nonprofits in ministries and churches use Canva because it’s a wonderful tool, easy to design, takes away a lot of pain from the whole graphic design workflow. It’s a very much loved tool. Now Canva is bringing social media scheduling, which means you can design stuff on Canva for your social media campaigns and schedule them just like a buffer or hootsuite or any other scheduling tool. So that is going to be inbuilt into canva. So that’ll be interesting. It is a very logical extension of what they do. So that’ll be interesting. Watch out for that. Once they launch, you can take advantage of this feature from Canva. 

5. The final news is also about Instagram, but along with Pinterest

(SOURCE) Instagram is in the news again but this time for threatening another social media channel called Pinterest with an upcoming feature (like they did Snapchat with their stories feature). Similar to Pinterest, if you know what Pinterest is, it’s a dashboard or a collection of images that you can go through on a specific topic. For example, if you’re looking for pictures of recipes, then all the videos and images of all the recipes of a particular type of food. If I am on Keto food or a low carb, high fat LCHF food, then I can go look at all the recipes and there’ll be a collection of them in Pinterest. Similarly, Instagram is coming up with a public collection of photos and videos. They had this collection feature, they added it a while ago, but it was only private. You could just keep adding collections to your account, but it was not public. The moment it goes public, then it’s a whole different dynamics because people can participate. People can look at it. So it is almost a competition to Pinterest in many ways. 

That’s all we have for you this week. I hope this was useful.

Thank you for joining me. Have a wonderful week.

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