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Week 3 – Feb 2019 – Weekly Social Media News for Church & Ministry Leaders

1.The first news is about Instagram

Source – Last week, if you saw a drop in your Instagram followers, then you’re not alone. In fact, you have very good company like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner. They all lost their Instagram followers. A few of their Instagram followers. In fact, in their case it was millions! One of them lost 3 million followers. I lost a few as well. I lost about 50. And I quickly got them back. So they also got some of their followers back. But Instagram was in the news. And Instagram announced later that it was a bug. They confirmed it. They said they’re working on fixing it very quickly. But it was interesting. People were losing followers and everybody was on Twitter and other platforms saying, “what’s going on with Instagram?”. So that was the news last week.

2. The second news item is from Twitter – SOURCE

Source – Twitter announced that it is now officially open to Beta testers for their new conversation features. Some of the plans they have for the new conversation features are really interesting. They have color coded labels for conversations, which would be really useful if you follow a lot of conversations. It would be nice to do that. And they also have plans to hide Likes and Retweets. So if you are interested to learn more, you can click on the link in our page and read more about it. In fact, if you like, you can register yourself as one of the Beta testers. Why not?

3. The next news is from Youtube.

Source – Youtube is announcing strict penalties for people who do not follow their community guidelines. A couple of days ago they announced those details, and they said if you are going to deviate from their guidelines the penalties will be stricter. There will be only one warning and then you will not be able to upload content every time you deviate. You’ll not be able to upload content for one week, couple of weeks, and then permanently the channel gets banned. So you may want to pay close attention as a church and ministry. I’m sure most of you use youtube (and if you don’t, you should). It is good for you to know what they are expecting. I like such news. I like news from social media channels where they make things difficult for people who want to break the rules and upload stuff that is not good. We need social media to be clean and we need good content out there. So this is good news.

4. The next news is from Instagram and Samsung

Source – The next news is from Instagram again, but this time in combination with Samsung. Yes, Samsung, the mobile phone and electronics manufacturer. They manufacturer a lot of other things other than mobile phones. Now Instagram is partnering with Samsung and they are coming up with a mode called ‘Instagram mode’, in the next device that Samsung is launching, Galaxy s10. This will have something called an Instagram mode where you can do Instagram Stories right from the camera app without even having to open Instagram. Isn’t that cool? So you will have access to all the cool features of Instagram Stories like all those stickers and all those modes and filters and things like that. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but I think life is going to be easier for people who do Instagram Stories. I look forward to it personally.

5. The final news is from Google

Source – This news is from Google and regarding Google Assistant. Google Assistant, which is a voice-enabled assistant, which is very popular along with Alexa, is now trying out an ‘Interpreter mode’. I like this news especially because it concerns language and communication between people. You know, as church leaders, as ministry leaders and nonprofit leaders, we are all about communication, right? We are about communicating something that helps people, that is useful for people. We are about communicating the good news to people. So whenever there is news concerning technology and communication, I kind of stop and pause to understand what’s going on.

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