Natchi, social media is not working for me. I need help”, this was the WhatsApp message that I received from my friend.

My friend is a sincere social entrepreneur. She is hardworking. She loves to engage with her audience. She has built a good reputation and trust in her niche with excellence. She deeply cares about the people she serves and truly wants to help them.

So, I knew that this was worth my time and my help would not go waste. We met over coffee and had a conversation.

I found out that she publishes good, well-researched and valuable content consistently on a weekly basis. She also sincerely implements many of the best practices shared by her favourite marketing experts on their blogs, courses and podcasts.

And yet, social media does not seem to work for her. She is not seeing the results that she likes to see.

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever thought, ’I work so hard, and I do everything I possibly could, but I am still not seeing the results that I like to see on social media. I wonder what is wrong!’’

If so, let me share with you a few points out of the discussion I had with my friend. Hopefully (like she did) after reading this, you might also get clarity and know what needs to be fixed.

Probable reasons why social media is not working for you, and how to fix them

If an organisation has the basic social media marketing elements in place, there are only a handful of things that needs to be double-checked and fixed in order to make social media work well.

You may already be aware of most the basic elements that I am talking about:

  • Knowing your objective, goals, audience, etc.
  • Serving them with quality services or products
  • Having strong online presence and streamlined workflow
  • Creating good content
  • Publishing consistently & running promotional campaigns
  • etc.

If you have the above list in place and are still not seeing good results on social media, then it is time to dive a bit deeper and look at where the problem is.

Reason 1 – Strategy Gaps

Social media is a constantly evolving ecosystem. What works today may not work tomorrow. A regular review of your social media strategy is important to ensure that there are no gaps.

Strategy gaps can be expensive and will have a long term impact on your marketing. In my line of work, some of the common strategy gaps that I see in organisations are

  • Definition gap – How are you defining social media success? Is that definition in line with your business objective? Is that definition S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable…. well, you know the rest)?
  • Audience gap – Is there a gap in your understanding of your audience? Do you know who your ideal customer is?
  • Trend-Tactic gap – Is your tactic in line with the current trends in the social media industry? If you are not sure, then you may want to consider attending industry events like Social Media Marketing World to stay on top of the latest trends.

Reason 2 – Unoptimised Online Assets

Content hubs or online assets are the locations where transactions, interactions and engagement happens with your audience, based on your social media campaigns. It could be your website, mobile app or social media channel home page.

Think of your online asset page as an office space or a meeting room that your audience visit everyday to have a conversation with you about their problems.

Wouldn’t you want to ensure that they have a great experience when they visit you?

Just having a website or a mobile app is not enough, you need to ensure they are optimised and customised to give the best experience to your users when they visit you.

I have seen many social media campaigns fail because of unoptimised websites, landing pages and mobile apps. This is key to make social media work for you.

A few action points to fix this:

  • Check your website & landing pages for speed, copy and content optimisation
  • Check your funnels & pipelines that enable customer journey
  • Check the UX, UI and Usability
  • Do a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) exercise

Reason 3 – Inadequate Promotions

This is a big one.

Inadequate promotion is one of the most notorious culprits behind social media failure stories.

If you are excited about having publishing your new blog post or about uploading the shiny new video of yours on YouTube, please pause for a moment, take a deep breath and realise that you have only taken the first step in a long journey (sorry to burst your bubble, but I have to state the truth). You are a long way from getting that content in front of your audience.

But all is not lost, if you know how to promote your content (better than you know how to create it) you have nothing to worry about.

The success of your content’s journey from your head to your audience’s heart, depends a lot on the success of the promotional elements that accompany your content in that journey.

It would be an understatement if I said that we live in an overcrowded, saturated social media space, that is constantly under ‘content shock‘.

The only way to beat the noise and help your content realise its full potential is to promote it.

Not just promote it, but promote it ‘adequately’.

How much is adequate? Any amount of promotion that is required to ‘ignite’ or ‘amplify’ your content loud enough to be heard by your potential audience, is adequate.

It could be anything from 1-dollar-a-day Facebook ad campaign (source: Dennis Yu) to a $10,000 Influencer marketing campaign, depending on your situation and line of work.


Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed by social media challenges. They can be overcome. Be patient. Be persistent. Be consistent. Measure everything. Question everything. Try everything. Keep creating good content and keep promoting it like crazy. You will eventually make it.

Do not give up.

Let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.

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