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This news is from Snapchat.

Our final news of this week is from Snapchat. Last week, Snapchat released an important research report on Gen Z. As you know, I’m a big fan of research reports. And I’m a big fan of good ones.

Source: Snapchat

This research was conducted with more than 12000 participants from 6 different countries, including Saudi Arabia, Europe and North America. So it’s a good report. It goes deep into multiple areas of behavior. A couple of interesting things that I noted in this research report is Gen Z takes only a few seconds to be influenced by an advertisement, whereas the other two generations take much longer. They are also influenced heavily by friends and family. So basically this generation, Generation Z, which is going to lead the way in the digital in the days to come, are a very open generation. This presents a big opportunity for you as a nonprofit ministry to prepare yourself for this coming generation, which is currently 13 to 24 year olds. Do check out this report. And get ready to minister to them.

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