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Source: Snapchat

Our final news for this week is an important one about a new 2021 AR (Augmented Reality) Trends report released by Snapchat. Augmented Reality (AR) is something that has been growing in influence for quite a few years now. But this report has some very interesting findings. First of all, it says 100 million consumers already use AR for their shopping experience. And this is not just a small sample size report, this is a report based on 15000 people surveyed across 15 countries, which includes North America, Australia, the Middle East, India, and almost all geographies of the world. So it’s quite a comprehensive report in partnership with Deloitte Digital.

Snapchat has released some key future trends from the report. And a couple of things caught my attention, which I wanted to bring to your notice. One is, the report says by 2025, 75% of the world’s population will use AR in some form. 75%, and almost all smartphone users! And the interesting thing is also how AR will influence people. 56% of the people say AR gives them the confidence to buy a product, which means they are being heavily influenced by what they’re doing on AR. So AR is a very silent technology, but it seems to have a big impact and influence on people because of the way it is structured.

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