Welcome to The Connected Church podcast. This is the show where we equip the Body of Christ for the digital era. 

Each week, we talk about 3 things – a social media trend, a thought from the Bible and a practical digital marketing tactic or online advertising technique.

The show is designed to help Christian leaders, marketing teams and communications teams in Churches, Ministries, and Nonprofits worldwide build God’s Kingdom using digital and social media.

Today, we discuss 3 items:

1. First, we discuss the launch of Facebook Pay and its impact in the digital space.

2. As part of our discussion on the role of social media in the Great Commission, this week, we focus on ‘reinforcement’ in teaching ministry.

3. Our core topic of this week is about a simple social media setup technique called ‘Anchor Email’ that will help you manage and share social media channel access with volunteers and teams in ministry.

Have questions or thoughts or feedback? Please email: podcast@natchilazarus.com

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