Today, Adam Mosseri from Instagram announced (in his Stories) that you can now save your Instagram LIVE videos to IGTV!

This is a big news!

Especially considering the time-saved in downloading you LIVE sessions and then uploading it to IGTV.

As an explorer in the social media space (may be I should call myself an astronaut, since most of the time I am floating around without much control, pulled in all directions), I jumped on the opportunity and did a LIVE TUTORIAL. Here it is, check it out.

How to Save your Instagram LIVE video to IGTV

Step 1: Plan your content

Needless to say, before you go live, think about what you are going to deliver in your live stream.

Ask key questions like:

  • Am I doing this alone? Or with another person? If so, have they been invited?
  • How am I going to add value to my audience?
  • Do I have visual assets that I am going to use? (Yes, you can add images into your stream picture-in-picture)

Step 2: Prepare your Thumnail

This a step that is now important to think through ahead of time because of the new workflow. You don’t have the luxury of working on the thumbnail later (as you used to earlier, if you have been downloading and repurposing your live video).

Thumbnail specs:

  • A vertical 9:16 Image with your title
  • Ninja Tip: Try to keep your title aligned at the center of your image, without occupying more than 30 to 40% of the image. The reason is, when you ‘add preview’ this portion will show up in your Instagram news feed.
  • See my sample thumbnail below, you will see how I have added the content in the middle of the image and lowered it a bit, so that it appears nicely in the Instagram newsfeed, square preview.

Of course, if you are ok with selecting an image from the video, you can ignore this step.

Step 3: Go Live

Once you have all this, push the LIVE button and do it!

Step 4: Select the Share to IGTV option

Right after your end your live stream, you will see the ‘Share to IGTV’ option listed. Select that

Step 5: Select a thumbnail

Now you will use the thumbnail that we prepared and upload it. Or select one from the video footage.

Step 6: Title, Description and Preview

In this final step, there are 4 steps – Give it a Title, Description, Add it to a Series (like a YouTube Playlist) and the importantly add a ‘Preview’ so that it appears in your Instagram Feed!

Congratulations! You have successfully saved your Live Feed to your IGTV without much work.

Bonus Tip

One Additional Step – Add your preview to Instagram Story

To make use of Instagram’s full capacity, I would also recommend clicking the SHARE icon in your IGTV Preview and sharing it on your Stories. Stories always have more reach than the feed (atleast as of now) so it will help you spread the word.

Hope that helps. Let me know if I can answer any questions or thoughts you might have (leave your comments).

See you next time.

Untill then, stay connected, stay blessed.

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