God is not confused!

He never creates anything and then wonders why he did it. He is a “God of purpose”.

When He created you, He had something in mind. Something specific… something exlcusive… something unique…!

You may have heard that part before… but listen to this… In the same way, when God created YOUR WORK also, He had something specific in His mind!

Which means, it is not a coincidence that you are in this job… it is not an accident that you somehow got through the interview… it is not a LUCK that you got placed inside this organisation… I tell you, this is a pre-planned, well-executed and properly organised PLAN of the Kingdom of God!

If you are in the right job… that gives you joy, excites you, challenges you and brings the best out of you… then Yes, you are doing what you are doing, because of God’s plan and DESIGN!… (but what if you are in the wrong job… we’ll come to that later).

So, there is a purpose for your work (Now go back and read the last post in this topic, titled “God’s Plan A”, if you already haven’t)

In the last blog, we realised that one of the reasons that God DID NOT put us to work is for MONEY or SALARY! Yes, Pay package was NOT on God’s mind when He decided that you have to work in this particular organisation.

Now let me show you some reasons why Pay-Package is not a priority in God’s economy:

1. Money is not bad in God’s eyes, He wants you to have it. But He does not want MONEY to HAVE YOU!

It is the question of who is on top. God always wants us to be rulers, and not to be ruled. So when you keep money as the prime objective of any action… it makes you desperate and makes you a slave in a way. It starts ruling you, it starts telling you what to do and what not to do. Money will tell you what kind of job to jump into next. Money will tell you that it is okay to backstab, gossip, cheat and lie! Money will RULE you… and GOD does not want it that way… That is the reason that MONEY is not in the list of reasons as to “Why I need to go to work

We will talk about the other reasons in the upcoming blogs…

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See you soon!

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