Pondicherry Beach

Haggai Institute organised a seminar in Pondicherry. I shared the Biblical truths about WORK and WORKPLACE with an elite group that was very interactive. God bless the organisers!

On my way back, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was a Sunday and the chennai coast was hit by Cyclone “JAL”. It was due to cross the coast any time. So the wind was strong and it was raining heavily. Normally I would not have ventured out. But that day I had to get back to resume work in Chennai. So after a slight hesitation I decided to take the risk and drive inspite of the rain and the wind.

It was a difficult weather to drive in, but not impossible. I maintained 60 to 80kmph. And after about 90 mins of driving I witnessed one of the most AMAZING sites I have ever seen in my life!

After I crossed Mahabalipuram, I entered the ECR and to my right I could see the BEACH so close to the road and the SEA was ROARING in the wind. I had never seen such forceful waves thrashing against each other in the wind. It was like a big lake of boiling water. I remember reading a verse in my bible “…when GOD breaths, the seas ROAR…” I understood the meaning of that verse on that day. It was beautiful!

Little did I realise that I was actually driving right through the mid point of the cyclone and that the cyclone was crossing the TN coast that very moment (I learnt about it after reaching home via TV news). But it was a unforgettable experience. I realised that we are so small and powerless when compared to the force and power of certain elements of nature. Yet, God says that we are the HEAD of all creation and everything was made for us to RULE and REIGN as kings and have dominion. What a privilege! What a repsonsibility!

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