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Source: Pinterest

Last week, Pinterest released very interesting statistics about how people’s search behavior on their platform has changed. Pinterest is a visual search platform where there’s lots of traffic data about people’s lifestyles and trends. I always look at Pinterest very closely to understand the shift in audience thinking. And this statistic really caught my attention.

I wanted to share it with you because as nonprofits and ministries, it’s important for us to understand how people are thinking. And this statistic says “Pinterest saw 80% increase in searches for rural travel, 85% increase in searches related to countryside travel, 75% increase in searches related to lakeside houses”. So it’s very interesting. People are starting to travel after all the covid lockdown, etc., but they’re also changing the way they think of travel and the way they approach travel.

If you as a nonprofit or ministry want to understand this audience behavior shift and kind of tweak your content, if you have an audience who travel a lot, or if you are in a ministry where you need to minister to people in that area, then this is something that you really want to keep in mind while creating content.

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