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Our next news is about Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest Newsroom | Blog

Last week, Pinterest announced a new feature called Idea Pins. Idea pins are actually an evolution of their existing story product. If you know, Pinterest launched its own stories version called Story Pins. But the big difference between other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and Pinterest is that the stories are not temporary. They remain there. So Pinterest has come out saying because it is permanent, and it’s an idea that is long-lasting, they would like to call it as Idea Pins. Well, that makes sense. And I like the name. The other announcement that’s interesting from Pinterest is: they say they now serve 5 Billion searches a month! People are coming back to Pinterest platform and they’re searching for many more products. Especially, they say that searches related to weddings have gone to pre-pandemic levels. It looks like that a lot of action happening on Pinterest platform.

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