In Sydney, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on – An Overview of The Book of Revelation.

Many of us do not pay attention to The Book of Revelation, thinking of it as a book of ‘mystery’ that has details of the distant future, which may not be relevant today. For some of us who sincerely want to understand it, it might seem too complicated with strange creatures and symbols.

But if we take a closer look at this book, we will realize that it is one of the most relevant books for these times. Understanding the symbolism can help us apply the truths to our current situations.

Some interesting facts that about The Book of Revelation:

1. The 7 Churches mentioned in the book were all located in key Business & Commercial hubs. In todays terms, these cities can be compared to NewYork, London, Sydney, etc which are the centers for commerce, trade and business.

2. The Book of Genesis, which was written 1000s of years before The Book of Revelation has a strong connection with The Book of Revelation.

3. By understanding some of the statements in this book, we will be able to respond to our everyday problems better. For example: From the letter to the church of Laodicea, we understand how to react to wealth & riches in these end time.

4. The book gives us an understanding of how Christ look at His church at this age & time.

There are many more interesting facts about The Book of Revelation.

Check out the slides. Let me know your thoughts and comments.


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