Not sure at what point this happened. But Instagram has taken over our online social life.

Not just ours, but that of our audience too.


The reason that Instagram has had such great success is that it is quick-visual-mobile-entertaining-educational-social. In just a few minutes of scrolling, you can connect with your friends, catch up with your family, learn tips, watch cat videos and do much more on Instagram.

But that also means that people’s span of attention on Instagram is very very less (I am not going to quote the popular fake not-true stats that says our attention span is less than that of a Gold Fish. But based on my interaction with fellow human beings, I am surprised that it is not true.)

Since you have less time on Instagram to tell people who you are and why they need to follow, like and engage with you, how you make the first impression is crucial.

Instagram Bio:

One of the first steps to make sure that your Instagram strategy works well for you, is to optimize your Bio and set it up right.

Bio is simply the ‘About‘ section that your audience will see first thing when they visit your Instagram account.

Natchi Lazarus Instagram Bio

How your bio is structured will determine the first impression you leave on people, and makes all the difference between they taking action that you want them to take and they moving on to other things.

Let us look at 3 tips that could help you optimize your Instagram bio and attract the right kind of followers.

Optimizing your Instagram Bio: 3 Pro-Tips

Tip 1: Use words that your audience use

When you write your bio, include words that your audience uses on a regular basis. Write for them, not for you. You should know your audience so well that you must speak their mind and language. This will help them identify with you and relate to you.

I see many accounts that are more like a CV. It talks about how great people are, and how they have achieved great things. That is not going to help.

People don’t care who you are and what you have done. They want to be helped, inspired, educated and entertained.

Try to answer the following questions in your bio text:

  • How can you help them?
  • What makes you capable of helping them?
  • What are the other things you do that is related to (or) showcases those capabilities?
Natchi Lazarus Instagram Bio Words Used

When answering these, try and use the words that your audience use and it will make all the difference to the growth of your Instagram account.

You may not get it right the first time (I did not), keep tweaking, listen to feedback, watch other popular accounts and learn.

Tip 2: Make it visual and interesting

When someone visits your Instagram Bio, it should be attractive enough for them to stop and read it.

But the challenge is, you cannot use photos or designs (other than your profile photos or logo) on Instagram. There is no cover or header image option. You need to depend on the limited tools that Instagram gives. But you can sure make use of 2 them effectively.

Visual Tool 1 – Emojis 👀 👋🏼 ❤️ 😺 😉 👍🏼

If you get creative, you can use Emoji’s to convey all the 3 points that I talked about in Tip 1.

Spread them out through the bio and make it fun, interesting and informative.

Expert Tip: Don’t overdo the emojis.

Screenshot of Natchi Lazarus Instagram Bio with Line Breaks Emojis

Visual Tool 2 – Line Breaks

The other thing that could make your bio interesting and readable is the LINE BREAK.

Use line breaks to talk about various areas of your life. Instead of having a long, boring 150-character-paragraph, make people stop and pay attention to who you are and what you are saying by using short, catchy sentences.

Expert Tip: Use your Notes app (iOS) or Google Keep (Android) to type the bio the way you want then paste into Instagram.

Tip 3: Add relevant @ mentions and # hashtags

Instagram allows you to @ mention other Instagram accounts and add Hashtags to your bio. Make full use of it.

If you have other personal or business accounts that are related to what you do and showcases your capabilities or brand, then include them.

For example, I have included the Instagram handle of my book, The Connected Church in my bio, since that is an important part of my personal brand.

Sometimes (not always), I also include a link to the hashtag #AskNatchi, which is my brand-hashtag, which I use in all important posts and blogs.

Bonus Tip: Design & make use of the Story Highlights

Many people miss this one.

Highlights is an important tool that Instagram gives us. Its purpose is to add Stories that stay on your account for more than 24 hours.

But since Instagram allows you to add ‘Covers‘ to each highlight, you can creatively structure it to showcase your brand, who you are, and various aspects of your life and work.

Screenshot of Natchi Lazarus Instagram Bio Story Highlights Section

You can see how I use highlights to talk about my personal, faith and professional life.

Well, I hope these tips have helped you think about making a good first impression on Instagram.

Let me know if you have further questions. I am happy to help you.

Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.

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