We are researching on the origin of WORK. And we have taken an ancient book, The Bible as the reference point.

The Bible makes an interesting statement in its VERY FIRST BOOK – Genesis. The word “Genesis” means “the origin”, so as the name implies, this book is about the origin of everything that was created. The book also talks about the creative power of the Supreme Being and his ORIGINAL INTENT or the ORIGINAL PURPOSE for creating all the things that he created.

The word PURPOSE is the Key here!

The reason that the Book of Genesis is so important in the Bible,  is because, this is the book where you find the ORIGINAL REASON or the ORIGINAL PURPOSE with which GOD created everything. When we find the ORIGINAL purpose, then it is easier for us to find out whether we are aligned with the purpose of the creator or not.

The reason we need to be aligned with the creator’s purpose is… only then we will be EFFICIENT.

How is that?! Lets take this example… Imagine that a new small car (like a Maruthi 800) is being introduced to the world for the very First time. Lets say that the company that is launching this product for the first time, has called for the press meet and you are also invited. The car is unveiled and it looks great… now after just showing you the car, if they open up the session for questions, what will be your first question? Obviously your first question will be addressed to the CREATOR of the car and your question will be, “WHY DID YOU CREATE a small car? What was YOUR PURPOSE?”… Right?

ONLY the CREATOR knows the REASON why he created something. And ONLY when you understand the purpose you can put the created product to GOOD USE. For example you cannot drive a Maruthi 800 in a rugged mountain road. It is not meant to be driven like a SUV. It is a city car, a small car that is meant to be driven on the city roads. But how do you know that when it is first launched… you don’t spend Rs. 300,000 on a car, buy it and then test it to find out how to use it… no, that would be stupid… you simply ASK the creator… you simply read the MANUAL… it is that simple…!

Now… it is the same with all the other creation. The light, land, water, air, wind… and MAN! Yes, they were all created by somebody… not you… not me… but by some supreme bring… and we need to go back to that being and ASK him the ROOTS of creation, the PURPOSE of creating us… so that we can figure out how to be efficient.

Now getting back to WORK. Lets see if the word WORK figures in the Book of Creation… surprisingly it does!! By any chance, if you happen to have a Bible (or you can click here to read one www.youversion.com) Please read this scripture GENESIS 2:15 (second book, fifteenth verse)

Just think about it… and I will share more on this in my next blog!

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