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In today’s bonus tip, we are going to quickly look at one simple thing that you can do, to enhance your engagement and your reach on Live streaming. When you use the live streaming feature within Facebook or YouTube, and other social media channels, it’s important for you to engage people, right? To keep them engaged. Especially I know many of you listening to me are church communicators and non-profit media teams. And when you live stream, you always look at “How many people are watching me. And is it reaching more people?” Because the whole idea of a livestream is not only to showcase your content for your existing audience, but also you hope that because you are on Facebook or YouTube, new people will watch your content. New people will connect with your content. Right? For example, in a church service, you hope that there will be new audience that will come and listen to the good news that you have on your services. But how do you do that? There are many ways to do it. But today I want to share with you a very simple, one key tactic that you can use. It is called Pinned Comment.

Both YouTube and Facebook, the two big platforms that you may be using as a ministry, have this feature called Pinned Comments. When you go Live, what you can do is: after your livestream starts, you can create one comment. You can actually comment as your own account and then click on that comment and PIN it. Which means your comment will always stay on top of the livestream, on top of all the comments. And anybody scrolling through the comments section in your livestream will be able to see that particular pinned comment. Now, this pinned comment can be really useful and it has multiple applications. Of course, if you don’t fit into any of these applications, you don’t have to use it, but in most circumstances, I think you should be able to use it in some form. The interesting thing is, you can add a link in it.

For example, if you want to add a link to additional resources which are related to your church services or the topic that you are discussing in your livestream, you can link to that. Or give people additional downloadable material. You can give a PDF of your sermon notes or you can give a PDF or a video, an additional video where they can get more information or worksheet or something like that. Or you can also link it to your donation link and tell people, “hey, if you want to support our ministry, here’s a link where you can donate to our cause, as a non-profit”. So there are many ways to do this. Or you can simply encourage people by leaving a comment and put it up there. Now, there are two aspects of this that I want to quickly mention, the two advantages.

One is, of course, helping people to take action. And it’s always on top. The other is something in the background that you may not have thought of. When you do this, you are helping people engage, right? For example, if you say, “comment on the stream”, more people are going to comment, people are going to click. You know what that does? That shows the social media network, like Facebook and YouTube, that your viewers are engaging with your livestream, and they’re not passively watching, but they’re clicking something, reading something, and doing something that you want them to do, using that pinned comment. And when that engagement happens… guess what happens? It triggers a signal to the algorithm that your livestream is an important one, and more people need to see it.

The algorithm will pick up your livestream, and start propagating it to more people who are similar to your audience, if it is a public stream. That is exactly what it will do. Which could help you accomplish your goal of wanting to reach more people through your livestream. So it is not just a nice user-experience thing, but it’s actually a tactical, algorithmic thing, where you can reach more people using this very simple tactic. So go ahead and try it. Let me know how it works. If you have more ideas on how to use it, please leave it in the comments section. I’ll be very happy to hear from you. You can DM me on Instagram, leave your comment or reach me on any social media network to share what you think about it.

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