Nosa (with a smile), Nosa’s wife behind him & Rami (in a white t-shirt)

During my Brisbane trip, my wonderful hosts Jackson & Lucy Seeto had made arrangement for me to speak in a Bible study fellowship in Gold Coast. After the Sunday morning church service at Meadowbrook (it was 12:30pm by the time we were out of there) Jackson & Lucy were ready to drive me up to Gold Coast (about 90Kms) and take me to the Bible Study fellowship there, so that I can share ‘Work Principles’. I praise God for their stamina, persistence and most of all, for the LOVE that they have for God’s Word! What an awesome couple!

I was able to share some principles of Work & initiate a healthy discussion among the group. (And hopefully a radical thought pattern about ‘work’).

The Bible study was held at the home of an ever-smiling brother Nosa Esiet & his hospitable wife (Nosa works for Bond university). I experienced some great hospitality, food & God’s love from Nosa’s family.

I made a few good friends during this meeting (in the photos) – including Rami & his family, Shabir and Den & his wife. We later went out to Rami’s place and had a chat for more than an hour before driving back to Brisbane. I was able to share some of the vision that I had for Digital Marketing with Rami, who was also in a technology consulting business.

Important: In Rami’s house, right in the middle of the conversations about God’s principles, I realized that we were 8 individuals from 6 different countries and backgrounds, sitting in one room (Australia, China, India, Lebanon, Iran and Syria!). And we were laughing, chatting, snacking and drinking tea (wonderful tea, by the way) as if we were friends for a long time! It was amazing how God connected his children from around the world, through His spirit!

By the end of the day, I was tired but excited! I was ready to continue my journey back to Sydney after a fulfilling trip to Brisbane. It was an unforgettable trip!

Shabir (green shirt) is a fun guy! Rami’s wife and Den’s wife are listening keenly to the hair-dye story from Rami.

Rami’s hair dye story was very funny!
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