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Last week, Facebook announced multiple features to facilitate shopping and selling on Instagram. Specifically ‘Instagram Checkout’ is now available to all of US businesses and creator accounts.

Instagram expands the ‘Checkout’ feature and adds commerce capabilities
Source: Instagram

Even though shopping tag on Instagram has been available for a while, not everyone had access to checkout. But now Instagram checkout is being rolled out widely.

This is part of the announcements that are coming from Facebook related to commerce on all its apps – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Increasingly we are seeing the integration rolling out and things are becoming much easier for both the consumer and for people in businesses and organizations to facilitate commerce.

It’s a very interesting and important trend for you and me to note and also try to use, if you are eligible for that. I highly recommend you check out even if you’re not going to use a big commerce feature for selling of products, it’s important for you to note these features, because in future this may be applicable to wider areas that can be helpful for ministries and nonprofits.

Do check out this feature.

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