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This news is from Instagram.

Our next big news is from Instagram. Instagram adds dedicated tabs for Reels and Shops. Reels and Shops are two of the biggest trends in social media today.

Source: Instagram

In fact, the announcement from Instagram clearly says, “This year with the pandemic and much of the world sheltering in place, we’ve seen an explosion in short, entertaining videos on Instagram”. So there you have it. Instagram itself says that there has been such a big use of short videos. So if you as a nonprofit or ministry have not tried Instagram Reels type of content, TikTok type of content, then it’s time for you to rethink your strategy, especially if you’re trying to reach a younger audience. That is where they’re spending a lot of time. So think about that.

And of course, Shops are also becoming big. Instagram is constantly trying to integrate e-commerce into every single activity, especially trying to get influencers, because the announcement also says “…We’ve also seen an incredible amount of shopping move online…. young people are looking to their favorite creators for recommendations on what to buy”. That is influencer marketing, right there. Those are the two big trends, as you can see. Think about this. See if this can help your nonprofit or ministry in any way on the digital space.

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