The MEPZ Corporate Fellowship in Chennai had invited me to speak to their corporate group members about the ‘Purpose of Work’ on 14th July 2012. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and people from different companies like CTS, WIPRO, etc came together for a day of learning, activity, games, etc. It was a fun group and it was good to some families too. Apart from the speaking session, I enjoyed the ice-breaker, games, songs, music and the personal stories shared by different people. The co-ordinator Jabin was a good friend and we’ve known each other for many years.

In the session, we discussed different work principles from the Bible and the ultimate purpose that we all go to work for: ‘To meet the needs of people: To serve”

I had a great time sharing truths about the subject closest to my heart (Work concepts) to the audience that, I believe, I am called to serve (Working professionals). What more can I ask for?

I was accompanied, for the long drive on ECR, by my loving aunt, Mrs. Suhasini Ernest, who is a HOD of Physics in UDC College, Trichy (and a great speaker herself). It was fun driving down ECR on a Weekend with the sea breeze & the beach view!

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