To many of us WORK has become a “Necessary Evil” !!

Even if we don’t enjoy our job, we DRAG ourselves to office everyday, since our home loans, car loans, credit cards, two wheeler loans… all of their payments depend on the sms that we receive from the bank, at the end of the month, saying “Your salary of Rs.***** has been credited to your account”.

But from our creator’s (God’s) point of view, this was not meant to be so. If God is, He must be Good! Look around us… all that He originally created is good. The air, the sea, the mountain, the butterfly… and even the one in the mirror!! It was all originally good. But it is we, who meddle with it and spoil its goodness. We want to throw garbage in a beautiful serene lake, we want to cut down too many trees that we don’t need just to make a profit, we kill more whales than we need for the pleasure of hunting… it is we who have made this creation what it is today. Lets accept it… we have not been good managers of this property that was given to us! Ok… coming back to the point. God is good… so a good God could not have created a BAD JOB for us!

When the Bible says that God created work, then we should understand that Work (that He created) must have been good. It must have been something like this:

1. It would be Fun to do all day long, NEVER be boring

2. It would never allow you to feel like you are “a piece of nothing”… it would be soul satisfying

3. It would bring out the BEST in you

4. It would help you move closer to the purpose for which you have been created

5. It would help you make enough time for your family and personal work also

6. It would make you feel like an achiever, a success,… a king!

7. It would make you rich!

That should have been the original purpose. Right?!

In fact, that WAS the original purpose. I will show you… in the next blog…. till then, think about the above facts.

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