Mondays are important because they are the days in which we lay the foundation for our future. They are the days of ‘Sowing’ for a future ‘Harvest’!

Let me explain a bit (since many of us dont understand the agri-terminologies much)

For a farmer, the day of sowing is the most important day in his work life. A good farmer very eagerly looks forward to it.

A smart farmer understands that even though it might be a hardworking, sweating, hot and long day, if he sows the right seed, in the right place at the right time, his ‘Harvest’ season is well taken care of. He can then relax and enjoy the harvest.

For many of us in the corporate and business world. Mondays are the sowing time!

That is why we must not complaint and crib about going to work on Mondays. We must have the right attitude towards work and worklife. We must understand that we are sowing for our future.

Now you may ask, “But I am going to office and sowing anyway. Just that I dont like it and I hate Mondays”.  Now, if you have a bad attitude, it makes the sowing process that much more difficult.

Some of the benefits of sowing with the right attitude are:

1. You may be able to cover more area while sowing, simply because you are happy! More the area, more the harvest!

2. You will be able to spot the wrong seeds and stop sowing them because your mind is clearer. A happy mind is a clear mind! You can avoid undesirable harvest at a future date.

3. Other people love to sow alongside a happy sower. The more people you have to sow along with you, the more harvest you get!

4. Landowners prefer to employ a happy sower to a complaining sower. Your employability in the sowing business increases!

5. When you are happy, it shows that you know what you are doing and you are a focussed individual.

So, go ahead and enjoy your Monday and stop complaining about it.

Have a good ‘sowing’ time, sow the right seeds with the right attitude &  enjoy the right harvest!

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