Have you set up your Facebook page right?

Will someone visiting your Facebook Page get an accurate representation of who you are and what you do?

Can people take the action that you want them to take on your Facebook page easily, without getting confused?

Today, your social media presence is the face of your brand/organization (along with your website). And your Facebook page is one of the first things that people will check out when they wish to know more about you, or get involved with your organization in some way.

So it is important to present the right story, the right visual imagery and the right information on Facebook.

As of March 2019, Facebook had 2.3 Billion monthly active users. That is more than 30% of the World’s population (7 Billion).

How you present yourself on this platform can make a big difference to your online branding. 

When I am asked to help any organization as a consultant, one of the first things I do is an audit, assessing their presence and the basic setup of their social media channels.

During my audits, I have found that there are 3 common mistakes that organizations make – 3 key areas that people don’t pay much attention to. Here is the list and tips on how you can avoid them.

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Mistake 1 : Not completing the ‘About’ section

Facebook gives you a lot of options to describe who you are, what you do and how you can help your audience. All those options are in the ‘About’ section of your Facebook page.

Most organizations usually take a lot of effort creating the profile picture and the cover image.

Once that is done, they just fill in some basic information like name, website, phone number, and they start posting.

That might be OK to get started. And that might be enough for the audience who just skim through your channel.

But if you like people to engage with you – donating, volunteering, purchasing, sharing your content, etc., then you need to consider giving more information about you.

The ‘About‘ section is where you have the opportunity to provide that information. It is also important to let Facebook know these details about you so that they can place you at the right sections in their database and listing.

How to avoid mistake number 1:

Visit the ‘About’ section today and make sure the following details are complete:

  • Contact details (with links)
  • Description (Long and Short)
  • Business details

Mistake 2 : Not optimizing the CTA button

Facebook gives you one prominent button that you could have right at the top of your page.

I have seen many organizations not optimizing it. Most of them leave it to the default.

Did you know that there are more than 10 types of CTA call-to-action buttons that you can add to your page?

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact Us
  3. Sign Up
  4. Send Email
  5. Send Message
  6. Call Now
  7. Watch Video
  8. Learn More
  9. Shop Now
  10. See Offers… and more

How to avoid mistake number 2:

Spend a few minutes thinking about the type of audience who might visit your Facebook page.

Click the ‘Edit Button’ link and go through at all the 10+ options that Facebook gives you and select the right one. Optimizing the CTA button is that simple.

facebook setup cta buttons 1

Mistake 3: Not using ‘Creator Studio’ to manage both Facebook & Instagram accounts

Facebook gives you a powerful tool call ‘Creator Studio‘ which can help you manage your Facebook page AND your Instagram accounts in one place.

It sits right at the top of your admin menu and most page managers ignore it. I highly recommend you check it out.

Some of the features of Facebook Creator Studio that I like are:

  1. Clean Layout – It has a layout that helps you focus on the most important aspects of your Facebook page and Instagram
  2. Quick Overview – It helps you get a quick overview of the numbers (engagement, video views, followers details, etc)
  3. Create Posts – It let you create posts with a much cleaner layout.
  4. Upload Videos – It lets you upload videos and add all details to post
  5. Go Live – It lets you go LIVE from your desktop (with a simple web camera or a studio setup)
  6. Manage Instagram – It lets you connect your Instagram account and manage it on the desktop (at least the basic stuff). This is a BIG one since Instagram is a mobile app and managing it on the desktop can free you from your mobile device.
  7. DM Management – It lets you manage and reply to Instagram and Facebook direct messages from the same place.
  8. Team Access – Your entire team can use this to manage the page.

How to avoid mistake number 3:

You can start using with ‘Creator Studio‘ with a few simple steps.

  • Start by connecting your Instagram account.
  • I recommend you group your pages (if you manage multiple ones) this will help you manage them easily and do functions like crossposting.
  • Do check out the ‘Insights‘ section and familiarize yourself to the layout. This can be useful when you like to track your page performance.
  • Go through ‘Sound Collection‘, which helps you download soundtracks and sound effects for your video
  • Check out ‘Rights Manager‘, which helps you protect your content.

Let me know if you have any questions related to setting up your social media presence. Happy to help.

Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.

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