Worship Led by Jodie Barnard

I was introduced to Pastor Denis while I was in Brisbane (Jackson Seeto made the introduction) and I shared with him my passion and calling for teaching working people & the business community. He immediately caught my vision and later extended an invitation to speak in the Sunday morning service in his church (Meadowbrook Church, Brisbane), which I readily accepted.

It was a church full of people who were thirsty to learn God’s word and apply it to their lives. And that is because their leaders Pastor Denis & Lois Barnard are driven by a great passion to see the Kingdom of heaven built in Meadowbrook!

The worship session was led by ‘Jodie Barnard & team’ (in the photo above) and it was an awesome worship session. Please note: This was just a few days before Jodie’s baby was due!

I shared ‘Work Principles’ from the Bible, God’s perspective of work & the reasons for which we need to go to work on a daily basis. After the service, I had the privilege of praying individually for a few people from the congregation, specifically for their work related problems.

I thank Jackson & Lucy for making this happen!

Pastor Denis & Lois Barnard

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