When I walked into the MCC campus in Tambaram, Chennai I was overwhelmed by the historic importance of the place. The college was started in 1837 and it has just walked into the 175th year of operations. It has produced Presidents of Nations, Excellent Sportsmen and Movie celebrities. It has had an undeniable impact on the growth of this great nation of India.

I was invited to speak to the faculty members about ‘Work Principles for Success’. The honorable principal was also present in the session.

I walked the faculty through the important aspects of work, the three key understanding behind ‘work’ as a tool for impact and we discussed about how to apply these principles in their daily lives.

I am not sure of the impact that I created in the session, but I surely walked out of the campus very much impacted by this great institution (Specially looking at the photos of all the principals of the college since the beginning!). As a parting gift I was given a book titled ‘Life and Legacy of Madras Christian College‘. Such a precious gift!

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