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This news is from LinkedIn.

Our next news is about LinkedIn. Last week, LinkedIn made major announcements about their redesign and new features. The redesign is for their Web interface and also the mobile interface. LinkedIn look and feel has changed a little bit. There are some new features that have been added to make it easier, to make it more user friendly, and it looks nice.

LinkedIn gets a new look, new messaging features and brings stories to the US

Source: LinkedIn

At the first look of it, things seem to be a little smoother and easier, and the new features are definitely useful from a professional networking point of view. The messaging has also got new features. The other big news is: LinkedIn Stories has now been rolled out to the United States and Canada. They have been rolling it out to different countries after initial testing. Now the North Americas have the LinkedIn Stories feature. So if you live in the US or Canada, do check it out.

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