MaduraiI was born and brought up in a town called DINDIGUL, which is at a 60Km distance from MADURAI. So, all through my life Madurai was an important city. My father grew up in Madurai and we had many relatives there. We used to visit madurai very often for major shopping, visiting relatives, going to temples (it is also called a Temple City), etc. So visiting Madurai is always a pleasure and joy for me. It brings back great memories.

This time I went to madurai for a seminar organised by Lady Doak College. The college management had arranged a two day retreat for their non-teaching staff. Based on the positive feedback/response they had for the 2-day retreat that I had conducted in July 2010 for the teaching staff, the management decided that a similar seminar will also benefit their non-teaching staff.

Oh my, I must admit that this audience was much more vibrant, much more attentive and much more thirsty for the truth. God bless this College! I had such an awesome time that I felt that the 2-days just flew by (each day with more then 6 hours of teaching!). I hope they also felt the same way!! (atleast I did not spot anyone sleeping… even after a great lunch!).  As confirmation, the next day, I got an sms from the Principal that there was a great impact among the non-teaching staff also. I was glad!

But I think the management team of this college is very unique, in the aspect that they seem to have a great sense of urgency in uplifting their staff with the biblical truth about WORK and they seem to realise, quite naturally, the importance of having a working-team with the right attitude. What a model for other educational institutions! I am not saying that all colleges should invite ME and have a seminar! No, all that I am saying is, the management team of any education institution should realise that educating their internal team is as important as educating their students. Like me, there should be many teachers, mentors and consultants who can guide the 1000s of colleges and schools we have in India in the right direction. But the importance of this kind of wisdom must be realised by the management teams.

I have no doubt that, if they proceed in the path that they are in now, Lady Doak College will create a big impact in this nation!

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