Katie Wilcox

Established in 1948, Lady Doak College is one of the prestigious women’s college in India.

The faculty retreat seminar was held on 03rd July 2010. I was invited as the speaker and I shared the WORK Principles from the Bible under the topic “Being a Light”. Usually it is a challenge to speak to 100+ faculty members for a whole day, most of whom have decades of teaching experience themselves! But this group was special! Their focus on the subject, thirst for Truth and love for God was something that I rarely come across. So the whole day (6+ hours) sailed smoothly. Had interesting interactions with some practical questions and relevant answers.

That evening (03rd) and the next morning (04th) I shared the word in the college chapel. The Saturday evening prayer meeting and the Sunday morning chapel service was well attended by the students. The place was full and flowing. Saturday I shared about “The Word being a Mirror” and on Sunday we looked at “Purpose & Time” from the young mind’s perspective.

On 04th they had organised a one-day seminar for about 100+ student leaders. These youngsters are the ones who lead their respective groups in the college campus. I spoke about  “Being the God-kind of Leader”. It was a full day of great interactions & discussions. Most of the students were like a sponge that absorbs all that is given to them. It was a joy to teach them these powerful truths.

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