Karunya University Seminar

A one-day seminar was organised by Karunya University for their PG Students.

The topic was “Soaring High – A lifestyle of Success“. I started the session explaining ‘The Creation Strategy’ & God’s view of Success and then went on to exploring ‘Practical steps for being successful in life’, connection between Wisdom-Dreams-Success and how to rule, reign & victoriously dominate every ‘domain’ in life.

I will not be exaggerating if I say that this was ‘one of the best’ participants I have ever had! The students were so attentive from 10:00am to 05:30pm the evening (with just 1 hour lunch and two 15 min tea breaks… inspite of a great biriyani-lunch, no one was sleeping!) The questions they asked were challenging and they were so “Open Minded” to receive FRESH thinking about life and out-of-the-box success principles.

I totally enjoyed every minute of the seminar. And even post-seminar, it was a joy to talk to many students, get feedback, hear their stories of impact. I got an opportunity to interact with future-singing stars, future-politicians, future-scientists, future-entrepreneurs and future-game changers with God-given talents & gifts!

Young minds are so precious for the growth of this nation. There are so many talented young people in our beautiful country. It is important that we challenge them adequately, give them space to grow, give them room to experiment and give them the freedom to be different. We need to appreciate them, feed them with the right wisdom and groom them in the right path. God bless these young minds!

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