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Our next news is about Instagram. Two big announcements from Instagram last week. One is about the expansion of Instagram Guides. Instagram Guides was launched earlier this year.

Source: Instagram

Based on the success, they are now expanding it to a wider group of audience. Guides are a great way for… especially for non-profits and ministries… to group content and make it available within their account. So you can create a guide based on a product, you can create a guide based on places. You just have to click the button in your profile and you will see one of the options called Guides. And you can create a Guide even based on your own content, something that you posted. You can pick a few posts, different posts from your collection, and you can create a guide for your users. I see a lot of applications for non-profits and ministries. So definitely pass this on to your social media team and check it out.

The second announcement from Instagram is about keyword searches coming to the platform. Earlier, you could search only using hashtags or account names, but now you can start searching using keywords, which makes it like Google. Brings a whole new dynamic to the platform. It’ll be very interesting to see how social media is impacted by Instagram search becoming keyword-based.

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