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This news is from Instagram.

Our next news is from Instagram. Last week, Instagram announced its tighter integration with Messenger.

Instagram DM is now integrated with Messenger

Source: Instagram

We all know that Facebook has been working on interoperability between various platforms, and direct messaging or private messaging is an important place to start because that is where people spend a lot of time, especially after this COVID there has been a rise in the use of private messaging.

This article says that there are more than 100 billion messages being sent on messenger and Instagram on a day… every day. It’s a big space. And now Instagram and Messenger are coming together. You can send messages across these platforms. You can send a message to somebody on Instagram using Messenger. They’re also releasing other features like Watch Together, Vanish Mode, which makes a message disappear after somebody sees it, and Replies to a particular message, etc. So lots of interesting features. Do check it out.

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