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Our next news is from Instagram. Instagram announced last week that they are releasing a new feature called Recently Deleted, which lets you keep your deleted items for 30 days inside a location called ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.

Source: Instagram

It’s just similar to a bin, or a trash mechanism on a computer, where you delete something and it remains in one place for some time. In Instagram’s case that content is going to remain for 30 days. So, for 30 days, you can go and retrieve, or look at whatever you have deleted. They’re also adding additional verification in case you are going to permanently deleted from the ‘Recently Deleted’ section. They are adding these because there have been cases of people hacking into an account and deleting everything. Or you yourself might just go in and delete something accidentally. So Instagram wants to give you that extra little bit of cushion, instead of you losing your content completely.

Note: This news item is part of the weekly news show, The Connected Church News, that collects the Top 5 Digital and Social Media News each week for leaders of churches, ministries or christian nonprofit, and presents it to them in 5 mins.

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