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This news is from IGTV.

Our next news is from Instagram. Last week, Instagram announced that IGTV now has the ability to do auto-generated captions. This means when you upload a video on IGTV, you can now select an option that says auto-generate captions and you will have captions for your videos.

IGTV Videos get automated captions

Source: IGTV

Captions are always a good idea whether it is auto-generated or whether you upload an SRT file and make sure the captions are available. It’s always helpful because there are 3 big needs. One is people with disabling hearing loss, it is going to help them. Number two, people who don’t understand your native language and people who find it difficult to follow your accent or your language, then captions are going to help them as well. And number three is people watch most videos online in silent mode without their sound on. Right? That’s the default settings. So it’s also going to help in that situation. So captioning is a great idea. Now it’s available on IGTV.

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