The very SECOND question:

“What is your name?”. This is the first question that most of us ask when we meet someone for the first time?

The very NEXT question will be, “What do you DO?”

Why do we ask this as the second question? Why can’t the second question be, “What subject do you like?” or “What book do you read?” or something like that.

The reason is, today, for most of us, our WORK is our IDENTITY!

But is that a correct identity? Should our identity rely on our occupation?!

What happens when you take a break from work or when you are “benched” or given the pink slip due to recession?! Does that mean that during this period you don’t exist or your identity of “Who you are” is lost?!

What if someone multitasks and does multiple business activities? Does he have a unique identity or not?!

One of the main reasons that people get stressed with respect to WORK is the thought that goes, “I am nothing without my work or my designation. That is my identity in the society, people respect me for what I do and which office I go to or what business I am in”

In the coming discussions, right here, in this blog, I will show you that this kind of thinking is not right.

I want to give you a different perspective of WORK… a new paradigm… the right outlook.

“You are NOT who you are, because of what you do. But you do what you do, because of who you are!”

Read that again!

This is an important paradigm shift. This perspective is so important for our success in life, becauseĀ  there are many of us who need to be set free from this “identity trap” called “designations”.

We are a unique creation by God, the master creator. Your hand with which you are holding that mouse, has a finger, whose prints will NOT match with any of the 6,500,000,000+ people on the face of this earth! God has put all our abilities and talents and gifts right inside of us. We don’t need any outside source of identity. You may shift your job tomorrow or change your line of work, but you are still the same unique one who God conceptualized and created for a specific purpose. We are complete in ourselves and in Him!

As a HR consultant, I have spoken to many candidates who are constantly worried about their designations and what that word “Manager or Executive” in their business card mean, to them and to others!

You need to know “Who you are”, “What you are capable of doing” and “What your purpose in life is”, in and out of your work context.

So if work is NOT our identity, then what importance does it carry in our lives? We will answer that question in the next post.

Meanwhile, please share your views on this. I love feedback! Thanks for taking the time.

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