Hitech City

HiTec City, symbolising the tremendous growth of Hyderabad City

Haggai Institute organised a 3 day National Level Leadership Seminar in Hyderabad. I was invited to share Biblical principles of Work & other Workplace concepts.

The interesting thing about this seminar was that, since too many people had signed up for the seminar the organisers had to have 2 seminars in the same venue with each session being repeated back-to-back by the faculty! How often do we hear that? For a change, instead of having ‘too less’, it was good to have ‘too many’ participants. It was a good problem, a problem of plenty!

So, I had more than 12 hours of speaking to do repeating each session back-to-back! It was fun!

Enjoyed excellent Hyderabad food & hospitality. People were warm, friendly & down-to-earth. After the sessions, I had a chance to meet a couple of college friends from Hyderabad, after a long time. It was good to catch up with them.

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