Ever since F8 in 2019, Facebook has been busy integrating all its key apps (Instagram and WhatsApp) into the main platform.

Now you can add your WhatsApp number to your Facebook Page.


  1. When you connect your WhatsApp Business number you can add a button to your Facebook page helping people to communicate with your easily using WhatsApp. This can be a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience.
  2. You can place ads on Facebook that has WhatsApp message as the call-to-action button.

How to connect your WhatsApp number to Facebook Page

Step 1: Go to Facebook page settings and look for WhatsApp tab

Visit your Facebook page, log in as an admin and go to ‘Settings’. On the left side bar, you will see a ‘WhatsApp’ tab. Click on it.

If you don’t see it, set a reminder and check after a few days. Facebook is rolling it out globally.

Step 2: Enter your WhatsApp number and click ‘Send Code’

Enter your WhatsApp number (or your WhatsApp Business number) and click on Send Code.

Facebook will send you a code for verification.

Step 3: Verify code

Verify the code by entering it in the popup.

Step 4: Add Button to your Page

You can add the WhatsApp button to your Page. It will appear right below your cover image.

That’s is it. You have successfully connected your WhatsApp number with your Facebook page.

Stay connected. Stay blessed.

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