Wesley Missions on Pitt Street – It was a 200 year old church! I was told that this was one of the first building in the city of Sydney and the whole city evolved and was built around this church over the 200-year period. Today it stands at the base of some of the biggest sky scrappers in the world at the center of Sydney’s business district with its beautifully painted glass-panes. I stood in the middle of this chapel and closed my eyes trying to think about the events, seminars, sermons and preaching sessions that shaped a city in the past. I felt humbled.

And as a market place researcher, to see a church at the basement of business houses and sky scrappers is a symbolic representation of Spiritual principles being the foundation for economies and work life.

I was invited by the youth group (Club Oasis) of Wesley Missions Church to share on ‘Hearing God’s voice’. The essence of Christian living is the fact that we are connected to the Almighty God directly as His children. And on a daily basis we are able to hear His voice & get guidance to walk in His ways and solve life’s problems.

The audience was excellent. They interacted, responded and stayed much longer after the session to ask more questions.

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